We now have the opportunity to support a private Antiguan insurance company, owned and operated by Antiguan shareholders, while enjoying the security of a large, financially powerful international insurance company.

How Can This Be?

PIC Insurance Company Ltd. was researched and founded by Dr. Rolston Barthley, an Antiguan insurance professional with an international reputation for honesty, integrity and expertise in insurance. All shareholders (including staff shareholders) are Antiguans. As a new enterprise, PIC Insurance Company is relatively small, but its international reinsurance partners are among the largest in the world.

Motor Insurance Liability Insurance Property Insurance
Motor Insurance Liability Insurance Property Insurance
  • Private Cars
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Comprehensive Cover
  • Third Party Risks
  • Public Liability
  • Workmen's Compensation
  • Personal Property
  • Commercial Property

What Role Does "Reinsurance" Play In Insurance Companies?

Often described as "insurer of insurance companies", reinsurers reimburse insurance companies for losses covered by a formal reinsurance contract. Reinsurance enhances one of the fundamental objectives of insurance: to spread risk so that no single insurance company finds itself
saddled with a financial burden beyond its ability to pay.

How Do We Know The Reinsurance Company Is Financially Strong?

Reinsurance companies, like insurance companies, are subject to strict government regulatory control and monitoring. They are also the subject of study by independent international credit-rating
agencies, such as Standard & Poors and A.M. Best.

And because PIC Insurance Company employs the services of a professional reinsurance intermediary, our reinsurance programmes and our reinsuranceunderwriting partners are the subject of ongoing scrutiny. All reinsurers who are party to our contracts must meet the high
standards established by our professional intermediary, not just the standards established
by regulators and rating agencies.

How Does Reinsurance Affect Me - The Policyholder?

The effects are all positive. The reinsurance contract makes your insurance company financially stronger - more able to withstand catastrophic events such as hurricanes, more able to withstand periods of unprofitable underwriting results, and more able to offer insurance for a broad range of products for a variety of risks and values. The cost of reinsurance, which is substantial, is borne by PIC Insurance Company Ltd. on behalf of the security and peace of mind of all policyholders.