Motor Vehicle Insurance is obligatory if an individual or company own a motor vehicle. It is compulsory for everyone to be insured which would include liability for death of, or bodily injury to third parties. It is wise to secure full comprehensive cover, which includes Third Party Liability.

Private Cars

A private motor vehicle is mainly defined as that which is used solely for private purposes. When we say private purposes we mean social, domestic and pleasure purposes as well as use by the insured for his/her profession or business.

Commercial Vehicles

These vehicles are particularly used for travelling, hiring, transportation of goods for trade or business or where the use, of the vehicle is for reward.

Comprehensive Cover

Under comprehensive cover, the company undertakes to pay the policyholder for loss or damage to the Insured's vehicle and accessories thereon.

The Insurer pays only for:

  • accidental collision or overturning or collision or overturning consequent upon mechanical breakdown or consequent upon wear and tear
  • fire external explosion self ignition or lightning or burglary housebreaking or theft
  • malicious act
  • ther miscellaneous risks, such as:
    • medical expenses
    • accidents to insured
    • clothing and personal effects
    • legal charges (manslaughter)
    • towing disabled vehicles
    • motor traders use
    • emergency treatment

Third Party Risks

This policy provides, in respect of accidents arising in connection with the insured car, an indemnity to the policyholder for:

  • legal liability to third parties for:
    • the death of or injury to any person
    • damage to their property
    • emergency treatment payment under the Act

  • legal costs incurred as a result of an accident
    • in defending an action for damages including claimant's costs awarded against the policyholder
    • legal fees for representation at an inquest or in a court of summary jurisdiction
    • in defending a charge of manslaughter up to a limit of $2,000.00