Public Liability

The Company will cover the insured against all sums which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay as damages in respect of accidental bodily injury to any person or accidental loss of or damage to property happening in connection with the business and occurring within the geographical area of the policy during the period of insurance. Policies will usually cover legal costs and expenses recoverable from any claimant and costs and expenses incurred with the written consent of the Insurer. For those risks where the Insurer imposes an aggregate limit, the limit will be inclusive of costs and expenses.

Workmen's Compensation

The Company will subject to the terms exceptions and conditions of the policy indemnify the Insured against liability at law for damages and claimants costs and expenses in respect of injury or disease if any person under a contract of service or apprenticeship with the Insured shall sustain bodily injury or disease arising out of or in the course of employment by the Insured in the Business.

  • The employer will be vicariously liable if one employee negligently injures a fellow employee
  • The employer's personal negligence
  • Negligence of the employer in failing to use reasonable care and skill
  • Breach of statutory regulations

The Workmen's Compensation Act makes this class of insurance compulsory. "It shall not be lawful for any person to employ any workman unless there is in force, in relation to the employment of the workman, a policy of insurance."