We Believe:

• Policyholders have a right to the best possible coverage.

• Policyholders should be properly informed of the coverage that they have. Coverage should be tailored, as far as possible, to their particular needs.

• An insurance company should provide sufficient insurance education to enable policyholders to make wise choices as far as policy selection is concerned.

• Policyholders should be made aware of various means whereby they can reduce premium costs.

• Policyholders have a right to quick processing and prompt settlement of legitimate claims.

April 1 2012 - People's Insurance Co. Ltd. celebrates 10 years of building successful relationships in the Twin Island State of Antigua and Barbuda.
"We Put People First"

Tuesday 2nd November 2010 PIC Launches it's official website!

PIC has unveiled it's official website to world today as a one-stop-shop for indepth information about it's numerous products and services.


PIC Founders Club was launched on Saturday 3rd April 2010 at the Liberta Playing field.

This club is based on the principle of being able to make continuous contribution to the community; be it to sporting bodies, civic organization, community groups,etc.

The club works on the following basis:

Any insured at PIC may become a member of the club, and in the process identify his / her Organization (sporting club, church, etc)

Members would receive an additional 5% discount on Motor Insurance.

Members identified organization will receive 5% of the premium paid on Property Insurance.

In addition, each member will receive a photo ID membership card, which upon presentation will earn discounts at select business places.

Remember! "We put people first" PIC!