We believe that policyholders have a right to the best possible coverage. We believe that they should be properly informed of the coverage that they have and that the coverage should be tailored, as far as possible, to their particular needs. We believe that an insurance company should provide sufficient insurance education to enable policyholders to make wise choices as far as policy selection is concerned. We believe that policyholders should be made aware of the various means whereby they can reduce premium costs. Finally, we believe that policyholders have a right to quick processing and prompt settlement of legitimate claims.

An insurance policy is essentially a promise to pay for covered losses that occur to a policyholder’s assets. PIC’s primary commitment to its clients is to be sure that adequate funds are available to fulfill this promise. From the minute our clients accept their policies until a loss occurs, we want them to know that they have made a sound decision. Reasonable premiums, excellent service, adequate coverage and progressive technology are all benefits that reinforce our policies.

We encourage you to visit our office at the Dr. Rolston L. Barthley House, Nevis Street in St. John’s, Antigua, or give us a call at (268) 481-3740/3741. Come and discuss your insurance needs or concerns with us. We would like to have you as one of our valued clients. Remember, we put people first.



Our vision is summarized in the following statement:

  • PIC will be a people-oriented insurance company that is dedicated to providing personal lines and business insurance products that offer quality protection at competitive rates. PIC Insurance Company will be seen as a team of knowledgeable insurance people working for, and on behalf of, its clients.

In order to achieve its Vision, PIC commits to the following mission:

  • Our mission is to offer insurance products, including risk management education, that provide quality protection at reasonable prices. We will establish and maintain successful partnerships with our clients, our employees, and re-insurers, that respect the interests and goals of each party. Our clients will see us as their first choice insurance provider because of their belief in our ability to meet their expectations of service, expertise, and price.

We believe that our first responsibility is to our clients, and we promise to do our very best to ensure their total satisfaction.